About us

Even many years ago, we already anticipated globalization. We understood that the boundaries in our world are highly conventional; they only exist in our minds. In fact, the Earth is a very small planet: in just a few hours’ flight, you can find yourself in any spot of the globe. And precisely this gave us the idea of creating a centre for language learning both in Ukraine and abroad. This is how, on 2 February 2002, a company named Epoch of International Education appeared, whose mission we saw in providing any person with an opportunity to feel free anywhere on our wonderful planet. Back then, nobody suspected that our company would soon turn into one of the best companies on the education market of Ukraine.

In that far-off year, no one knew about us. We had a tiny office, and our staff consisted of 1 office manager and 2 teachers. We celebrated our first birthday with a pack of juice and a bar of chocolate. We did not know what was waiting for us in the future. We had nothing. Nothing but excellent teaching skills, personal charm, confidence, faith in success, a great desire to work, and an ambition to become the best ones – the best ones not only today, not only in language teaching, and not only in Ukraine. That is why we named our company Epoch of International Education.

We distinctly remember our first student, our first translation order, our first corporate training agreement – it all seems so far off and yet so recent!

In 11 years, we have grown, gained our footing, matured, and expanded our business scope.

Now we are Epoch Company Group, comprising:

  • A language school in Kyiv
  •  A translation agency
  • A foreign education centre
  • A business training, consulting, and coaching centre

Our mission:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Advancing and developing
  • Progressing and improving

Today, over 10000 persons trust us with their education and the education of their children. Over 100 companies trust us with the education of their employees. Our staff includes over 80 professionals: brilliant teachers, talented translators, charismatic coaches, and ambitious managers.

Today, we rank among the best companies in Kyiv and are honorary members of many Ukrainian, European, and world professional associations.

We have worked a lot to be able to say all this about ourselves. And yet it would not have been possible without those who believed in us and trusted us with their training, education, career, the translation of their contracts, and the care of their children. It all would not have happened without those who decided to develop and grow together with us, spend days and nights, workdays and weekends with us, achieving excellence day by day. All of this would not have been possible without you, our Customers, Students, Pupils, Partners, and Friends. We have become the best because we had you back then and have you now!

What is coming next? Coming next are lots of interesting and successful projects. Coming next are the things we plan and our dreams coming true. We are certain of this because we are Epoch of International Education, and because we have you!

Stay with us! Together we are the best!