Russian and Ukrainian for Foreigners

Russian and Ukrainian language courses for foreigners are intensive and most informative programs designed for both individual and group study.

Our programs’ effectiveness is evidenced by the “Best Language Centre: Russian/Ukrainian for Foreigners” awards conferred to Epoch of International Education in the Kyiv Post’s annual Best of Kiev Awards ceremony in 2003, 2004 and 2007.



We offer a broad selection of courses, and you can choose the course that best suits your needs:

Our introductory course is aimed at students with no prior knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian.

Our general conversation course (from basic to intermediate level) is designed for those who wish to use Russian or Ukrainian in everyday situations: getting around the city, shopping, dining out etc.

Our business Russian course is aimed at professionals who need to communicate with their colleagues, partners and customers in Russian.

For advanced speakers of Russian/Ukrainian we offer a specialized course designed to expand active vocabulary and ensure fluent communication on such subjects as economics, finance, law, commerce, banking, insurance, medicine, history, literature, cultural studies etc. This course will develop the necessary language proficiency and competence for preparing and conducting negotiations and presentations, handling business documents, holding correspondence and telephone conversations. You will be able to enjoy Russian and Ukrainian literature in the original and follow the news media.

Advanced language learners who have already mastered Russian or Ukrainian and wish to maintain their language proficiency, as well as beginners taking their first steps in learning these languages and needing additional language practice, are invited to join our speaking clubs where they can discuss fascinating topics with interesting people.

Our Russian and Ukrainian courses for foreigners enjoy strong demand because we offer:

  • An exceptionally flexible training schedule
  • Individually customized instruction intensity
  • Personalized selection of conversational topics covered during the course
  • Classes held at the customer’s premises or in the office of our language centre
  • Progress tests
  •  A variety of study materials and resources
  • Tours, outings, speaking clubs
  • Individual classes and classes in small groups
  • Assistance in arranging accommodation, homestay accommodation
  • And our teachers know for sure - "Russian is easy!"